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If you believe that you or your loved one has recently received an unfair disability rating from the VA, or deserves an increase in a disability rating, you are not alone.Veterans disability claims involve a challenging and complex process, and veterans may be given inaccurate ratings. When you depend on these benefits to pay for medical treatment and to support your family, you need to work with attorneys who know what it means to serve and sacrifice – attorneys like former Marine Corps Captain George Sink and his firm. Having served two tours in Vietnam, Mr. Sink knows what it’s like to fight for his fellow veterans.

Did You Receive an Unfair Disability Rating?
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Don’t Try the Appeal Process Alone!

If the VA gave you a disability rating you believe is less than you deserve, you have a right to disagree with the decision and file an appeal. An appeal is a direct request to the Board of Veterans’ Appeals to review the decision reached by a local VA office.

Our veterans disability lawyers can help you determine your eligibility to appeal a disability rating decision and can assist you with each step of the appeal process:

  • Notice of Disagreement (NOD) – If you are not satisfied with a rating decision, you can write a statement saying that you disagree and wish to file an appeal. This statement is referred to as a Notice of Disagreement (NOD) and must be sent to the local VA office. In most cases, you must file an appeal within one year of receiving a Rating Decision from the VA.
  • Statement of the Case (SOC) – Once the local VA office receives your Notice of Disagreement, it will create a Statement of the Case (SOC), which explains the evidence, laws, and regulations used to issue the decision on your claim.
  • Substantive Appeal – Filling out a substantive appeal, VA Form 9, is the next step in the appeal process. You must complete VA Form 9, state the type of benefit you are pursuing, any mistakes you noticed in the SOC, and whether you wish to request a personal hearing. You must send the Form 9 to the local VA office within 60 days of receiving the SOC or within one year of receiving your original decision; whichever provides more time.

“Why did I receive an unfair disability rating?”

Veterans may receive unfair or inaccurate disability ratings for a number of reasons. The VA disability claim process is complex, and without proper representation, veterans can easily make errors, miss deadlines, or forget to include proper medical evidence that details the nature and severity of their disability. Our attorneys take the time to fully evaluate claims to determine possible reasons for a low disability rating and create solutions to improve the claim.

Get a Veteran on Your Side!

If you are interested in filing an appeal for a lower-than-expected disability rating, George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers may be able to help you receive a better rating. As a Vietnam veteran, George Sink understands what it means to serve and sacrifice. George’s passion for helping disabled veterans obtain the benefits they deserve is shared by our entire legal team. We are prepared to respond immediately to your needs and begin reviewing your case.

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