Class Action Lawsuits for Dangerous Drugs & Defective Products

When one or a few people are injured in the same manner by the same product, it may be just a coincidence. When hundreds or thousands of people are injured or put at risk of injury because a product is defective, the circumstances are different. Mass torts involve large numbers of people who are seeking compensation from the same party for the same kinds of damages. These lawsuits are known as class actions and call for representation by an experienced South Carolina personal injury attorney.

Our firm has represented more than 40,000 South Carolinians and helped them to obtain fair compensation for all types of personal injury1. Some of the most common mass torts were the result of injuries caused by the following potentially dangerous drugs:

Our attorneys or associated attorneys can also help represent individuals in mass torts for defective products, such as auto products, home appliances, cosmetics, toys, and food products. Any of these products could cause serious personal injury if they are defective or contaminated.

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