Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident Lawyer In Charleston, SC

South Carolina has special laws in place to regulate Uber and Lyft, who it refers to as “transportation network companies.” These laws require all rideshare companies to provide a certain amount of insurance coverage based on the driver’s “status” at the time of the accident. This ensures all rideshare accident victims can recover compensation if an Uber or Lyft driver causes their accident.

However, it can be difficult to determine who pays for your injuries and losses. If you suffered an injury in a rideshare crash near Charleston, SC, an Uber and Lyft rideshare accident lawyer in from George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers can help you understand your options. We offer free case reviews and handle these cases on a contingency fee basis. You pay no attorney’s fees until we recover compensation on your behalf.* 

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How Much is My Case Worth After a Charleston, SC Uber and Lyft Rideshare Accident?

The amount you can expect to recover depends upon the facts of your case, the law that applies, insurance coverage, and more.  We can help to document your full range of expenses and losses to help demonstrate the full value of your case.

Some common damages we could recover for our clients through a settlement or a verdict in a rideshare accident case may include:

  • Medical treatment costs, including hospitalization and ambulance transportation
  • Prescription drugs and pain relief medications
  • Ongoing care costs and/or future care costs
  • Lost wages and lost benefits
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Property damages, such as items carried with you in the vehicle
  • Some out-of-pocket costs directly related to the crash
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Other damages

If you elect to have us handle your rideshare accident case, we will conduct an investigation and collect evidence to show the extent of your damages. This may include gathering a range of documents to help us understand your accident-related expenses. You may want to go ahead and put your medical bills, receipts for out-of-pocket expenses, and other documentation together in a folder to make this process simpler down the road. This evidence will help us put an accurate value on your claim and help get your money faster.

Required Insurance Coverage for a South Carolina Transportation Network Company

Under South Carolina law, all drivers working for a transportation network company must carry a certain amount of auto liability insurance coverage. The rideshare companies must ensure coverage exists in certain amounts and with required coverage any time the driver has a rideshare passenger.  The amount of coverage required varies based on the status of the driver at the time of the ride, among other factors.

The driver’s status on the rideshare app is central to answering the question about which policy will cover your damages, but this may be disputed.  Legal counsel can help you demonstrate the facts and help with which insurance coverage should apply.

If the Driver Is Not on the App

If the driver was not “on the app” at the time of the accident, the case proceeds like a typical car accident case. Their personal auto liability policy would most likely apply if they are at fault in a wreck, among other factors.

If the Driver Is Logged In But Not Matched With a Rider

In some cases, the rideshare driver may be working but has not matched with a passenger at the time they cause an accident. This means they are logged into the app, but do not have a paying passenger and are not on their way to pick one up.

Per South Carolina law, rideshare companies must ensure coverage for any injuries or damage their driver causes while logged into the app.  These companies must offer at least the following contingent coverages:

  • $50,000 for death or bodily injury per person
  • $100,000 per accident (for all wrongful deaths and personal injury claims arising out of the wreck)
  • $50,000 for property damage (damaged cars or other property)

These are the minimum amounts of coverage required. More may be provided.  Please discuss with a lawyer.

If the Driver Has Paired With a Rider

When the rideshare driver is on the way to pick up a passenger or has a passenger in their vehicle, the transportation network company must provide at least one million dollars for death, bodily injury, and property damage.  They must also carry uninsured motorist protection.

If You Were in an Accident as an Uber or Lyft Passenger

If you were riding in a Charleston Uber or Lyft and your driver caused an accident, you can file a claim demanding payment from the rideshare company’s liability policy.

If another driver caused the accident, their insurance company would be responsible for your damages in most cases. Uber and Lyft both provide $1 million uninsured motorist policies if another driver causes an accident but does not have the state-required auto liability insurance.

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