Bicycle Accident Lawyer In Charleston, SC

Even though biking in Charleston is becoming more common, careless and reckless drivers of motor vehicles continue to put cyclists’ lives at risk by failing to share the road. Under South Carolina law, a cyclist who suffers injuries in a crash caused by a negligent motorist has a right to compensation to cover the full extent of their accident-related damages. But act fast; the law usually only gives injured parties three years to file suit.

A bicycle accident lawyer in Charleston, SC at George Sink, P.A. Injury Lawyers can help you file a claim or lawsuit against the driver who caused your crash. We offer free case reviews and handle these cases on contingency.*

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Damages Recoverable After a Charleston, SC Bicycle Accident

We cannot give you a full value of your accident case until we complete a full investigation into your crash. We need to get a better understanding of the value of your related expenses and losses. We also need to gather as much evidence as possible to show the nature and severity of your injuries because pain and suffering play a significant role in the value of these cases.

While we do not know what your case might be worth at this exact second, we can help you understand the types of damages you might be able to recover. Some of the most common types of bicycle accident damages we have recovered for past clients include:

  • Permanent injury damages
  • Medical expenses, such as ambulance transportation, hospitalizations, and treatment
  • The costs of prescription medication and pain management
  • Ongoing and/or future care costs
  • Lost wages and benefits
  • Diminished earning capacity
  • Repair or replacement of your bicycle, helmet, and other damaged personal property
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Other emotional damages

We may also be able to help you recover additional types of damages if your immediate family member died because of the injuries they sustained in a Charleston bicycle crash. Call us today to discuss your case with a Charleston wrongful death lawyer.

Understanding What Causes Charleston Bicycle Accidents

When a cyclist and a motor vehicle collide, fault often lies with the driver of the car, truck, van, or other motor vehicle. Cyclists are easy to overlook, and when a driver is not paying careful attention, this can quickly turn deadly.

We conduct a full investigation of every bike accident case for our clients, and we find that there are a few common reasons most of these collisions occur. In general, drivers often cause bicycle accidents by:

  • Driving distracted
  • Texting or talking on the phone
  • Driving drunk or drugged
  • Careless or inattentive driving
  • Changing lanes without indicating or checking blind spots
  • Refusing to yield right of way when turning either right or left
  • Failing to look for bicycles in the bike lane before parking
  • Failing to look for bicycles before opening door

If we can prove the driver who hit you caused the accident by behaving negligently, we can file an insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit against them. This may allow us to recover the compensation you need to pay your medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Investigating What Happened to Cause Your Charleston Bicycle Accident

Our team investigates every bicycle accident case we handle. This thorough investigation allows us to build a robust case against the at-fault driver and present our evidence to the insurance company and/or the court. This gives us more leverage to negotiate a fair settlement offer or fight for a verdict in your favor. As a part of our investigation, we can often uncover evidence you might not have access to on your own. Our investigation might include:

  • Recruiting professional teams to survey and document the accident scene
  • Conducting additional interviews with witnesses
  • Utilizing accident reconstruction specialists to explain how and why the accident occurred
  • Working with medical experts to prove your injuries, pain and suffering, and future care needs

Navigating the Claims Process After a Bicycle Accident in Charleston

We can often negotiate a fair settlement agreement in a Charleston accident case without having to file a lawsuit or go to court. All motorists should carry auto liability insurance as required by South Carolina law, and this insurance policy should pay out to cover the damages you suffered. If we handle your case, we will manage your claim and demand a fair settlement from the insurance company.

If it refuses to offer you a fair settlement, we can file a lawsuit against the motorist who caused your accident. We will not hesitate to stand toe-to-toe with the driver or its insurer in court if that is what it takes. We will prepare your case for court from the start and ensure it is strong enough to hold up against intense scrutiny. We will present your case and ask the judge to award a verdict that considers your full range of accident-related damages.

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