ALL OFFICES OPEN – normal operating hours

We are monitoring the potential for snow in the Upstate on Monday 12/10/2018. Everyone’s safety is our #1 concern. At this time all Upstate offices will be open on Monday. Each team member should decide whether or when he/she is able to safely report to work.  If it is not safe to do so, do not report to work.  Please, be safe do not hesitate to reach out if you need anything or have any questions.

3.7  Inclement Weather and Office Closings  

If there is ever any danger in coming to or from work (such as high winds, heavy rain, approaching hurricane or snow, etc.), do whatever it takes to ensure your safety – even if that means coming late, leaving early, or not showing up at all.  NEVER DO ANYTHING that you think may be unsafe and avoid dangerous situations at all costs. Keep the office informed of your whereabouts.  It is your responsibility to check the Firm website at www.sinklaw.com/emergency to see if the office you work in is open.  The Firm’s goal is to get the Firm up and running, allowing its employees to get back to work.  Unfortunately, the Firm will not pay you if you are not at work and working.  However, if you are unable to report for safety reasons, you may receive PTO time if you have such hours available.

Thank you,