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Recent Posts in Product Recall Category

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Don't Get Stranded! The Importance of Regular Vehicle Maintenance

Too often, drivers are left stranded and frustrated on the side of the road with a dead battery, flat tire, or busted belt. Disabled vehicles create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road, ...
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Make Sure You Have the Right Car Seat for Your Child

It goes without saying - parenting is a huge responsibility. So much goes into caring for children, including basics like good nutrition and keeping their fingers out of the electric sockets. When it ...
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Can You Still Sue After a Product Recall?

Product liability cases can be tricky and you will want to make sure you understand your rights before you make any decisions about what to do next. If you were hurt by a defective product, contact an ...
Continue reading "Can You Still Sue After a Product Recall?" »

What If My Workplace Injury Resulted From My Employer's Negligence?

If you have been hurt on the job in South Carolina, the Workers' Compensation system is designed to protect you. Workers' Comp may cover your medical expenses resulting from the workplace injury, and ...
Continue reading "What If My Workplace Injury Resulted From My Employer's Negligence?" »

It's My Car's Fault! - Did Your Faulty Vehicle Cause a Wreck?

When you get into your car each day, you expect it to start up and run properly. When you hit the brakes, you expect the vehicle to slow down or stop. When you turn the wheel, you anticipate moving ...
Continue reading "It's My Car's Fault! - Did Your Faulty Vehicle Cause a Wreck?" »

Chrysler Agrees to Half-Hearted Recall of Potentially Dangerous Jeeps

South Carolina drivers who own a Jeep Grand Cherokee or Jeep Liberty SUV should be aware of recent recall news from Chrysler. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommended in 2012 ...
Continue reading "Chrysler Agrees to Half-Hearted Recall of Potentially Dangerous Jeeps" »

Kellogg Recalls Cereal Due to Glass Risk

Kellogg Company is recalling some boxes of Special K Red Berries cereal because they could possibly contain glass fragments. The company recalled three sizes of the Special K Red Berries cereal, which ...
Continue reading "Kellogg Recalls Cereal Due to Glass Risk" »

Mount Pleasant Pain Clinic Received Shots Recalled Over Meningitis Fears

The CDC has confirmed that the Intervene M.D. clinic in Mount Pleasant is among one of the clinics that received a batch of the vials that were recalled over fears that they may be contaminated with ...
Continue reading "Mount Pleasant Pain Clinic Received Shots Recalled Over Meningitis Fears" »

Chrysler Recalls 240,000 Trucks

More than 240,000 Dodge Ram trucks are being recalled due to potential problems with the steering mechanism. According to Chrysler, while operating at low speed, the trucks' steering linkage could ...
Continue reading "Chrysler Recalls 240,000 Trucks" »

Undeclared Milk Found in Chocolate

A Belgian chocolate bar is being recalled because food safety authorities discovered undeclared milk. Milk is not mentioned in the ingredients. Those with allergies or sensitivities to milk may ...
Continue reading "Undeclared Milk Found in Chocolate" »

Cured Fish Recalled for Botulism

A Canadian Food Inspection Agency recently announced the expansion of a fish recall. They recalled a cured fish due to botulism after discovering a dangerous bacteria. The product was sold in stores ...
Continue reading "Cured Fish Recalled for Botulism" »

16,800 Pounds of Beef Recalled

An investigation is currently underway involving a recall of 16,800 pounds of ground beef patties. The product, made by Sysco in Seattle, was recalled due to the potential for an E. coli ...
Continue reading "16,800 Pounds of Beef Recalled" »

Desktop Computers Recalled by Lenovo

Around 13,000 ThinkCentre Desktop Computers were recalled for a defect which can lead to overheating and potentially a fire. The recall was announced today by the US Consumer Product Safety ...
Continue reading "Desktop Computers Recalled by Lenovo" »

Jackets Recalled for Entanglement

Approximately 13,000 jackets for girls were recalled because they pose a danger of entanglement. They were sold in Ross stores. The jackets are dangerous because they might become caught in doors and ...
Continue reading "Jackets Recalled for Entanglement" »

Sandwich Recall Expanded

The possibility of contamination from listeria monocytogenes with the associated risk of illnesses in children and the elderly, has caused M. E. Thompson, Inc. to extend their earlier recall notice ...
Continue reading "Sandwich Recall Expanded" »

Air Rifles Recalled by Air Venturi

In co-operation with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, Air Venturi of Warrensville Heights, Ohio recently announced a recall of its products. The Evanix speed.177,.22 & .25 and Evanix ...
Continue reading "Air Rifles Recalled by Air Venturi" »

Travel Chargers Recalled for Shock Hazard

CPSC in consonance with Sakar International Inc., NJ has recalled around 50,000 of the 'Digital Concepts Compact Travel Charger' due to high risk of electrocution or shock by users. The plastic ...
Continue reading "Travel Chargers Recalled for Shock Hazard" »

Scuba Gear Recalled

Today US and Canadian authorities along with the company XS Scuba issued a voluntary recall for the Miflex High Pressure Diving Hoses because of potential dangers of failure. If the device fails it ...
Continue reading "Scuba Gear Recalled" »

Vans Recalled for Wheelchair Lift

There has been a recall of conversion vans built with a Chevrolet Express by GMC Savana, and Ford Transit Connect by Main Mobility chassis. The chassis was fitted with a certain type of Braun Wheel ...
Continue reading "Vans Recalled for Wheelchair Lift" »

Undeclared Sulfites Found in Apricots

The Peacock Brand Preserved Apricots made by New York based Hong Lee Trading Inc. is being recalled as it may contain undeclared sulfites. The allergic reactions to sulfites can be life-threatening to ...
Continue reading "Undeclared Sulfites Found in Apricots" »

STOK Gas Grills Recalled

STOK Island and STOK Quattro gas grills sold by One World Technologies Inc. have faulty regulators causing a gas leak and fire hazard to customers. The faulty regulators commonly have the model number ...
Continue reading "STOK Gas Grills Recalled" »

Big Tex Recalls Trailers

Big Tex is planning to withdraw models year 2012 22GN and 25GN trailers due to complaints regarding their brakes. The failure of brakes might lead to a clash. The Big Tex company will notify owners ...
Continue reading "Big Tex Recalls Trailers" »

Fungus Found in Medical Product

Franck's Compounding Lab of Florida has issued a notice of recall stating that they had a fungal issue with one lot of triamcinolone acetonide P.F. 80mg/ml pack. The physicians who prescribed this ...
Continue reading "Fungus Found in Medical Product" »

Safety Hazard Revealed in Dirt Bikes

Baja Motorsports has announced a voluntary recall of all models of its DR50 and DR70 Baja dirt bikes. They have a specific vehicle identification number (VIN) beginning with "L98", the letter "B" as ...
Continue reading "Safety Hazard Revealed in Dirt Bikes" »

Recreational Vehicle Recalled for Braking Issue

Bombardier Recreational Products Inc., manufacturers of motorized recreational vehicles, has recalled certain models of the Spyder Roadster, manufactured during the year 2010. A pin securing the brake ...
Continue reading "Recreational Vehicle Recalled for Braking Issue" »
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